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Caption Success Story with Game Show

Caption Success Story with Game Show

Recently, many people in the signing community have pushed hard for more captioning on internet video — from Netflix to YouTube, Amazon to Hulu; and I want to share with you a success story!

When a friend tipped me off to a Kickstarter campaign for a web series of shows about a fantastical arcade where video games are discussed, reviewed, and occasionally poked fun at, I immediately went to the campaign and looked it over. The first thing I noticed was that the video series was not captioned. I promised them that I would support their campaign for $100 if they captioned the entire series. They said sure! and put up an status update to that effect on their Kickstarter page.

I also asked them to caption the introductory video, and they did — see it below!

If you like video games; come support this Kickstarter campaign! The entire series will be captioned for you to enjoy. For those that haven’t encountered Kickstarter before, it is a way for people to fund projects that they would like to see take off. Thousands of people create projets on Kickstarter, from new games to hardware products, and millions of people pitch in anywhere from $1 to thousands of dollars. Read the Kickstarter FAQ for more details.

I’m very happy with that result; and I think that this is a great example of how captioning can spread on the internet. Just ask for it, and volunteer to contribute time, money, or support to their project. Then once you have, spread the news on Facebook, Twitter, and on blog sites like Deaf Echo and Tumblr. If you have a success story, post in the comments or contact us and we will write it up.

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