25 ASL “It Gets Better” Videos

While the zeitgeist has long ago shifted to TSA pat-downs and now the interesting juxtaposition of renewed conflict on the Korean peninsula and the Wikileaks release of top-secret diplomatic cables, DeafEcho has managed to keep collecting It Gets Better videos in ASL.

Now we have 25 videos–the latest by the Ontario Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf. When was the last time you saw 25 ASL videos all with the same theme, made by Deaf and hearing non-regular vloggers scattered all across the continent? I can’t think of any other comparable example (although the blog version of this would definitely be the 2006 Gallaudet protests). And this isn’t even really a Deaf issue, if you think about it!

If you haven’t yet, take some time to watch the more recent videos – they are listed in chronological order, with the newest videos on top. Thanks, everybody, for coming together on this important issue and taking a stand against bullying and ostracizing.

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