It Gets Better – In ASL

It Gets Better – In ASL

Teresa wrote a fantastic article discussing Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” project on YouTube. There’s more than 100 videos by people who have experienced or seen others experienced bullying, harassment, or general bad experiences because of their sexual orientation. She also expressed the need for the Deaf and signing community to make similar videos for Deaf LGBT youth, especially as they might be doubly isolated in hearing mainstreamed environments.

Let’s do it. I’m inviting all people – LGBT Deaf, signers, straight allies – to submit videos about their experiences. This article will hold links to all “It Gets Better” videos in ASL. Instructions are below.

Instructions for Submitting:

  1. Make a video on YouTube. (keep it short – 1-3 minutes is fine).
  2. E-mail mail@savagelove.net to have it added to YouTube’s It Gets Better Project
  3. E-mail adamstone@gmail.com to have it added to this list on Deaf Echo (so we can keep all the ASL videos accessible from one place).
  4. If you’ve got time, caption it for non-signers at CaptionTube. Easy and awesome.

Original post by Dan Savage: http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/SavageLove?oid=4940874

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