Noisy Media Capitalizes on Silence

In this golden age of visual media, where we all communicate with one another (silently) via instant messaging, e-mail, blogs and vlogs, videophone, paper and pencil, and yes, even TTYs sometimes,

Why, oh WHY does the emphasis still have to be on silence whenever the news media picks up on an issue that relates somehow to deafness?

Take the recent media storm surrounding the new Pepsi ad featuring a well-known deaf joke. Though it will not be shown live until the day of the Super Bowl, the ad can already be viewed online. The media has picked up on this with a great fervor, and to my dismay, the majority of news outlets (both television and newspaper) have chosen headlines that include some form of the word silent.

Pepsi hopes silence is golden with Super Bowl ad –
Deaf PepsiCo workers to star in silent Super Bowl ad
Pepsi’s New Super Bowl Commercial: Silence
Pepsi ad to give Super Bowl viewers a moment of silence
PepsiCo Super Bowl commercial breaks the cacophony with 60 seconds of total silence
PepsiCo Super Bowl ad features silence

But the most ironic one of all?

Silent Super Bowl ad will resonate with deaf
The juxtaposition of silent and resonate had me shaking my head.

I know I don’t like clichs, but this just seems so over the top. Of course, what else would they say? How about focusing on the use of ASL rather than the lack of sound?

By the way, I will grant that the lack of audio in this 60-second commercial will definitely have people going wha… But still.

What do YOU think?

Hilary Franklin is a politically incorrect writer. By day she masquerades as a technical writer in an educational research firm. She has come to the conclusion that everything she learned, she did indeed learn in kindergarten.

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