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I Speak and Talk, Too

I don’t normally like audiologists and speech therapists. But my perspective on talking and speaking was forever changed by an audiologist, and I will always be grateful to her f[...]

DeafHope Featured On CNN

DeafHope, a non-profit organization founded and run by Deaf women, will be featured on CNN on Tuesday, November 27 and again on Thursday, December 6. Based in the San Francisco Bay[...]


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The Costs Incurred: Hearing Non-Signers and Signed Language Interpreters

Deaf people and signed language interpreters live in an uneasy co-existence. We need access to the hearing world; interpreters need to work for their livelihood. The irony of entering a dependent relationship in order to obtain enough information to be autonomous as a professional has always rankled, but that is the state of play*. A discussion about signed language interpreter ethics erupted this weekend on Facebook about Gallaudet University economics [...]

Dr. Rashid's Response to the Wall Street Journal article on Signed Language Interpreting

This originally appeared as a Facebook entry on behalf of Dr. Khadijat Rashid who does not use Facebook and has just recently learned of the article published in the Wall Street Journal. I have received permission from Dr. Rashid to post this on Deaf Echo. It was she and one of her economics majors from Gallaudet University, Tiasha Bera, who were the intended recipients of services that night at the [...]

The Mad Lib legacy

In October, the world lost the humorist Larry Sloan, best known for creating Mad Libs. In this popular kids’ game, one volunteer asks the players to fill in the parts of speech in a story. Only the volunteer doing the asking knows the story, and the players’ random nouns and adjectives make for some ridiculous prose when everything is read together. I think the game became so popular for two [...]

Caption Success Story with Game Show

Recently, many people in the signing community have pushed hard for more captioning on internet video — from Netflix to YouTube, Amazon to Hulu; and I want to share with you a success story! When a friend tipped me off to a Kickstarter campaign for a web series of shows about a fantastical arcade where video games are discussed, reviewed, and occasionally poked fun at, I immediately went to the campaign [...]