Hurry: Submit YouTube Videos To Be Captioned!

A few days ago, YouTube added captioning/subtitle support to its videos. Users can upload their own SubViewer (.sub) or SubRip (.srt) files to videos. Viewers can turn on captioning (if enabled) by clicking on the bottom-right button on the player. Right now, however, YouTube doesn’t seem to offer a feature to search for captioned videos only.

Got a favorite YouTube video you’ve been itching to watch with captions? According to TechCrunch, the captioning company SubPLY will caption 5000 YouTube videos submitted by users like you. FREE. So, hurry! Click here to read the details and submit a YouTube video you’d like to see captioned. Be sure to add the YouTube video link to a comment here at DeafDC so we all can watch it, too!

(Unfortunately I doubt they can caption ASL videos, just spoken English or Spanish videos.)

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