Deaf Children: More ER-Prone?

According to an article in The Annals of Family Medicine, the answer is yes. The lead-in to the New York Times article that cites this study reads,

Children who have hearing problems are much more likely than other children to end up in an emergency room with a wide variety of injuries, researchers say.

Score one for deaf children! Or, as I should really say, children with hearing loss–the degree of loss here isn’t mentioned (but hey, this is the Age of Deafhood, who cares about degree of loss?).

The conclusion is that the child’s hearing loss puts them at risk of injury. The study looked at “138,000 injuries in children treated at South Carolina ERs in 2003. The injuries included fractures, sprains and strains, burns and cuts.” Perhaps they should have thrown in accidental scratchings at DBC protests.

And why is this so? Because, as the researchers suggest, children with hearing loss can’t hear important auditory signs like the sound of an approaching car, footsteps, or their parents’ warnings to “watch out!” Eek. It’s dangerous to be a deaf child these days–or has it always been that way?

I’ve never really been to the ER as a kid. The only time I came close was when I was a free-wheeling CID youngster playing at that playground across the street from the parking lot (Hey CID alums, remember that one!? The one with the massive yellow slide?). Somehow I fell and bit my tongue, which promptly began to bleed very profusely. My housemother took me to the hospital, but I’m not sure if we went through the ER or just saw a doctor. All I got was a small hand towel to soak up the blood and orders to put ice on it and wait a couple days for the wound to close.

Ah, but was it hearing loss-related? I think not, unless you account for the fact that I was at a school for children with hearing loss, so you could argue that in an alternate reality, a hearing Adam Stone would have never been a CID student playing at that playground and thus his near-tongue piercing wouldn’t have happened in the first place and then temporal paradoxes pop up and the universe goes awry ajs..f.wsf…..

Nevertheless, the point of this blog post is to elicit funny and crazy ER stories from you, the readers. Yeah, I know you’ve got one. So share it with us!

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